Agata Kukolja, Marketing Specialist

Agata, a dynamic marketer from Zagreb, Croatia, excels in social media management and marketing strategies. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and currently pursuing a Master's in International Business, Agata merges her understanding of social dynamics with business acumen.
Specializing in B2B and B2C marketing, Agata is adept at crafting compelling copy, leveraging sales techniques, and staying ahead of digital marketing trends. Her journey began in sales, where she mastered client engagement and relationship-building. Transitioning seamlessly into digital marketing, Agata now thrives in creating captivating content, devising impactful strategies, and conducting thorough market analyses.
Fluent in both Croatian and English, with a strong command of German, she effortlessly fosters collaboration across diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, elevating team cohesion and achieving outstanding outcomes. Agata's unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence positions her as an invaluable contributor to any initiative. 

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